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Bug#325484: udev >= 0.060-1 and kernels >= 2.6.12

On Aug 29, Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> wrote:

> Well, badly worded maybe :), but i think your RC bug on the kernel without
> prior discussion may have been somewhat rude.
It was discussed with vorlon.

> Anyway, i was expecting some explanation about the reason why this mess
> happened, especially in the light of you asking for help on a neater solution.
I am not actually asking for help, because I have spent a large quantity
of my time dealing with this and so far I believe that there are no
better solutions. But I am allowing people who think they know better to
propose other solutions (at the obvious risk of being flamed if they did
not do their homeworks first).

> In any case, i belive the current situation, in that it breaks the sarge->etch
It does not. The agreed transition procedure is:
 * upgrade the kernel
 * reboot
 * upgrade udev


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