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Bug#319823: Bug#319878: kernel-image-2.6-686: the entire range of 2.6 debian kernels do not install on m/cs with <= 48mb RAM

On Mon, Jul 25, 2005 at 12:03:48PM -0700, Matt Taggart wrote:
> Luke,
> Sorry for the previous terse replies to your bug reports #319878 and #319823. 
> The debian-kernel team gets a lot of email/bugs and sometimes is quick to 
> response/close bugs without a lot of explanation.

 *sigh* yeh i know.  used to do that for samba mailing lists if i got
 too many in a day...

> I think what horms was trying to say was that your bug report listed 2.6.5 as 
> the kernel version you were reporting against and that Debian no longer 
> supports that kernel. Your second bug report seems to indicate that you've 
> tried 2.6.5-12 so that answers that question.

 no, i don't believe i've ever installed 2.6.5 - i do not know where
 that version number comes from.

 i raised the bug against the 2.6-686 package _not_ a specific version
 of the 2.6 kernel.

> The debian-kernel team could use your help in tracking down the problem. Have 
> you google'd to see if others are having the problem and have found a solution 
> (maybe another distro has solved this?)? Can you try, as horms suggested, to 
> fix it yourself and then let the debian-kernel team know how to fix it so they 
> can try, if possible, to integrate the fix in the generic kernels?

 will give that some thought.

> I agree with your comment about 2.6 requiring a lot of memory, I guess this is 
> the price we pay for supporting more hardware. Maybe there's a solution that 
> would allow for modular ramdisks or something so that you wouldn't need so 
> much memory if you didn't need all the drivers? Or maybe a special low-mem 
> kernel maintained by the people who needed it?
> I think at some point the only way of supporting such hardware will be to stay 
> on old releases. You might already have trouble running 
> dselect/apt-get/aptitude on a box with 48mb.

 apt-get runs fine (but phil hands runs apt-get on a really
 badly designed P90 machine and it takes forrreeeevvvveeerrrrr
 like twenty minutes to run apt-get update! )
 i've never used dselect or aptitude so i couldn't tell you there.

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