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Bug#317756: Framebuffer settings

Jurij Smakov <jurij@wooyd.org> writes:

> To test whether the problems you are
> experiencing are due to the wrong MCLK value, you can try setting it
> by adding a kernel boot argument
> video=atyfb:mclk=100

The framebuffer output is similar, just in bigger characters (fewer
lines per screen).

> since that worked for 2.6.8. You can also try disabling framebuffer in
> console completely by adding the boot arguments
> video=atyfb:off vga=normal

That does get me the pointer under X.  When X shuts down, it leaves
traces of the desktop around a shrunken version of the console in the
middle of the display; I don't know if that's expected.

Are such kernel args actually documented anywhere?

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