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kernel-image-2.4.27-r5k-cobalt - possible issues

I built debian 3.1 on mips raq2 cobalt with the well known buggy network
card yesterday using the new installer rather then then old telnet
method.  However I got some unexpected results.

The pings times to this box was less than 0.5ms which was fine, however
as soon as you start downloading packages, the ping time starting
incrementing by 1000ms for each ping.

I have built around 30/40 of these boxes but used the older 2.4.25
kernel or put my own custom built kernel (2.6.9)
on it.

By copying slowing my 2.6.9 kernel over (failed a lot of times!), I was
able to install and reboot the cobalt.  The network issues then no
longer existed.

I was wondering if the maintainer of the kernel may have forgot to apply
the infamous timing patch on the galileo-tulip on the kernel?



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