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Bug#317286: [Fwd: Re: Processed: Re: Bug#317286: Please backport support for Promise SATAII TX2/TX4 cards (from 2.6.11)]


I can't give a concrete answer on how prevalent these cards are. Looking at a few online shops (ie. newegg) they only sell the SATAII models now. I would imagine that the regular SATA models currently supported by 2.6.8 are probably less common than the SATAII models (or will be soon). That being said, it's still only an after market PCI card, so it's popularity is probably medium-low.

I cannot help with the backporting itself, but am more than willing to test and report on any and all patches or changes made to see if they work.

I'm using a kernel from kernel.org for now, I'll also check out kernels from Etch when they reach 2.6.12 levels.



Horms wrote:

reassign 317286 kernel-source-2.6.8

Hi Chris,

could you give some background on how prevelant these cards are.
And also, are you able to help with the backport or at the least
test it? I am really syspecting a better option for you will
be to track the more up to date kernels in Etch - they should work
fine on Sarge for now.

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