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depmod -a after module install

Hi debian-kernel folks,

I'm trying to modify the package zaptel-source (generated from source
package zaptel). That package is used to build a kernel modules package
called zaptel-modules-<kernel-version> (zaptel-modules hence forth).

Currently the package zaptel-source has a postinst script that runs:

  if [ "`uname -r`" = "_KVERS_" ];
	  depmod -a &

That script is probably useless for the source package itself, as it has
no kernel modules itself, and the kernel version at the time of its
install is irrelevant to the kernel that will be built later. I moved it
to the postinst script of the gemnerated zaptel-modules package (I
fogure that an appropriate postrm script should be added).

However I noticed an error in a script that installed that package. I
noticed that this script runs:

  apt-get install zaptel-modules-$kernel
	depmod -a

The error message was from depmod, because the two runs of depmod
aparantly colided. The manual install of depmod could be removed. But
what would have hapanned had I run:

  apt-get install zaptel-modules-$kernel other-modules-$kernel

and the package other-modules-$kernel had the same script? Any chance
the same error would occour?

So what should I do:

1. Drop that postinst script. Require more work from the installer

2. Keep the script as-is

3. run 'depmod -a' with no '&' instead, and possibly further delay

Please CC me your reply, TIA.

Tzafrir Cohen     icq#16849755  +972-50-7952406
tzafrir.cohen@xorcom.com  http://www.xorcom.com

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