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Re: patch for RAID performance problems in 2.6.11


> At a quick look, it seems like it might be included in the
> patch-, but I am not entirely sure.  Are you sure that
> vanilla 2.6.11 (and 2.6.12 for that matter) are broken and that Debian's
> 2.6.11 is ok?
> If you install the kernel-patch-debian-2.6.11 package, then you will get
> all the patches we have applied.  You can also rumage around for them on
> svn.debian.org

yesterday late at night :-) we found out, that our problem was somewhat
different, at least I guess so. We have the combination of SIL
controller and Seagate harddisk, but it seems to work. Since .10 oder
.11, the disks are blacklisted, even in the Debian kernel.

I just poke around a bit and see what I can do about that. I'll try with
removing the drive from my self-made kernel, because for us it worked
perfectly, so I guess our Seagate firmware has no problems.

Thanks anyway!

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