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Re: broadcom proposed firmware licence, please comment ...

Andres Salomon wrote:
> As I remember, upstream (jgarzik/davem) was not overly interested in such
> a patch to tg3. Is this still the case, or are they amenable to such
> changes?

Upstream was not interested in legal niceties like including copyright
statements, either.  I suppose both are still the case.

I think they said they'd accept a patch which loaded the firmware but fell
back to firmware built into the kernel if it wasn't present, as a
"transitional" requirement.  Ugh squared.  But I can do it; I can even do
it in such a way that the tg3 patch to the kernel would consist of a single
file deletion.

> I'd rather not maintain a tg3 patch again, if possible. 
I understand.  :-(

This space intentionally left blank.

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