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Re: Bug#309865: fails to restart from init.d/hotplug restart, and unable to deal with memory card reader

reassign 309865 kernel-image-2.6.8-i386

On May 20, John Shin <ajohnshin@yahoo.com> wrote:

> 1 gig). When I
> boot the pc with the card inserted, it is correctly
> recognized and
> correct device name is created under /dev/sdd1. Also,
> when the computer
> is already started, if I plug in the card, it usually
> detects and
> correct device name is created about 80% of the time.
This looks like a kernel issue to me.

> However, when I remove the card and reinsert it,
> correct device name in
> /dev/ is not created. It might work the first
> (re)insertion, but
> afterwards, it will always not work. It might create
> /dev/sdd, but this
> won't work as memory card needs /dev/sdd1 to be
> properly mounted.
This may be an udev misconfiguration, please check README.Debian.


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