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Re: Kernel Modules for PE2850 in default i386 2.6 kernel builds.

On Thursday 19 May 2005 16:37, Satadru Pramanik wrote:
> I am setting up a Dell PowerEdge 2850 with Debian/Sarge and noticed  
> that I can install with a sarge installation cd
> using kernel 2.4.x, but I can not install with the debian 2.6.x  
> kernels, nor update to a debian 2.6.x kernel that will support
> the built in scsi hardware.
> The problem lies in the LSI SCSI cards masquerading as PERC cards  
> inside the machine using the megaraid2 driver
> on 2.4.x, and on 2.6 using the megaraid_newgen and megaraid_mailbox  
> drivers.
> Is there any chance the following drivers could be compiled in as  
> modules for 2.6.11-x-686-smp?

I would like to see this addition too.

> These are already in the default config for 2.6.11-x-em64t-p4-smp.

An additional note:  the -em64t-p4-smp kernel can also be used
on Dells PE2850, BUT there are some user 32/kernel 64 bit IPMI
problems in the 2.6.11 em64t that make it no good default choice.
[Hopefully the fixes get merged before 2.6.12.]

> Compiling a kernel for myself hasn't been a problem, but for the  
> corporate minded, it is easier to sell a
> debian install (as opposed to RedHat) to a client by showing them  
> that a stock debian 32 bit 2.6 kernel
> that has gone through the debian vetting process supports their system.

I can confirm this, we have this discussion here.

> Regards,
> satadru
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