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Bug#289690: cannot access some files with samba

Le vendredi 08 avril 2005 à 19:22 -0700, Steve Langasek a écrit :
> Does this bug also occur when using the cifs driver instead of the smbfs
> driver?

I couldn't reproduce the problem now... it looks like the bug only
happens with a Windows (2000) SMB server because I tried to reproduce
the problem with Samba as server and I couldn't manage it (I can't
remember the name of the problematic file but I was able to md5sum all
files below my directory which contained the problematic file).

>  It's my impression that the smbfs driver is no longer
> well-maintained upstream in 2.6, and that the cifs driver is a better
> choice.  I'm not sure if we should consider this bug release-critical when
> there are lots of other problematic smbfs bugs out there even if this one
> gets fixed.

Okay, then maybe a release note telling this would be welcome.

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