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Re: CS00003271 - Please review your case update - (Assigned)

On Tue, Apr 05, 2005 at 12:45:05PM -0700, NIC Technology Support wrote:
> Below is a response to your case number CS00003271 submitted to Broadcom NIC Technology Support.
> Case Title: GPLed driver and binary-only firmware blobs.
> Response from Broadcom: I have forwarded this request to our development team as well as our line product manager.  I will inform you, once a decision is made

Thanks for your swift reply.

it was noted to me that the text i proposed for the firmware licencing was not
best. I will ask advice of the debian legal team, but i guess your own legal
advice will know what to put there too.

I believe it needs to be distributable agregated with the given driver module,
either with the full kernel or as a standalone module. And the licence must
allow for the firmware to be used either with the modules you distribute or
other module code written by third parties, among them the mainline kernel

More to this later.


Sven Luther

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