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Bug#280571: This prevents use of root=/dev/other-vg/root

Generally we want to support as many possibilities for configuring a system as 
possible, both for regular use and system recovery.

Using an initrd with a root file system on a VG other than the one that the 
initrd was created for should work.  With the current mkinitrd script it does 

This means that using a different volume group name (which you might do if you 
purchased a new hard disk and want to copy the data across while keeping your 
old disk usable in case the new hardware dies) is really inconvenient (I had 
to unpack the initrd image, edit a file, and then create a new image).

I think that a better solution is to enable RAID-0 and RAID-1 in the initrd.  
Debian's initrd is hugely bloated anyway, avoiding a RAID-1 module is not the 
way to keep the size down - there are other things that can be done to 
significantly decrease the size of the initrd.

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