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lvm2 crashes and burns with 2.6.10-4 (svn snapshot 2298)

This is apparently related to #281831, so I am directing it there.

The "opendir failed" messages might be "harmless" on 2.6.10-3 and before,
but after I applied the patches in queue for 2.6.10-4, it causes lvm to
fail completely (thus, I am Cc'ing debian-kernel as well, so that they are
aware of the issue).

Unfortunately, I can't easily debug why, since at that time, I don't have
even strace working (because just about everything is on lvm...)

If this is not an issue with 2.6.10-4 (e.g. it is actually caused by lvm2
doing something really braindead -- which IS likely since it is doing
something stupid on the other kernels as well), then #281831 will have to be
raised to grave or critical.

vgscan --mknodes unlinks /dev/vg_raid1 (the VG where my LVM lvs live), but
apparently it fails to create it back.

/dev is udev-based (tmpfs).  Manually poking around it (mkdir, etc) works
just fine.

This same setup, with the exact same .config worked in 2.6.10-3.  Maybe one
of the new security clamps is hosing something lvm2 is trying to do?

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