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Bug#287271: Bugfix in /etc/dev.d/block/hal-unmount.dev

On Sunday 26 December 2004 16:56, Sjoerd Simons wrote:
> The device node is already removed when udev calls the scripts. The fact
> that umount hangs in state D is a definitely kernel bug, not a hal bug..

You might be right, but the patch i supplied would diminish the effects of the 
I know this is a 'dirty hack', but it's also not nice pulling out a device 
while it's still mounted. To diminish the bad effects of such a 
behaviour, /etc/dev.d/block/hal-unmount.dev is provided. So why not patch it, 
to diminish the bad effects of another dirty behaviour (in this case not the 
behaviour of a person, but of the kernel), too?

Please reconsider applying the patch

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