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Bug#281372: kernel-source-2.4.27: Crash on Dell PE 8450

Horms said at 30/11/2004 00:50:
On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 01:07:02PM +0000, Ronny Adsetts wrote:

Package: kernel-source-2.4.27
Version: 2.4.27-5
Severity: important

This is using a kernel compiled using the config from
kernel-image-2.4.27-1-686-smp for woody with the required tools backported.

I'm fairly confident that this is a kernel issue rather than an issue
with the backported tools otherwise I wouldn't be reporting it via the
debian BTS.

I'm currently running 2.4.26 compiled in the same way which crashes
roughly about every 40 days or so. Built this latest 2.4 kernel to see
if it helps any. The kernel lasted about 6 hours before bailing. I have
an oops but can only run ksymoops while booted in 2.4.26 at the moment.

I can do limited testing provided I have time to schedule it as the
machine is in production.

The important bits about this system as far as I can make out are that
it's made to work quite hard doing backups. XFS on LVM on hardware RAID
(Mylex extremeraid 3000 - DAC960 driver). We snapshot the LVM partitions
before dumping to backup using xfsdump. xfs_freeze is used to quiesce
the partitions before snapshotting. A couple of the partitions are
exported using NFS.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Are there oops messages or any indication of which code is failing
and if it is consistently the same code?

The only oops data I have for the 2.4.27 kernel is that attached to the bug report. I only booted to it once. I can possibly try and crash it again if you think that might help? I'll boot it to the crashing kernel for the backup run tonight - that should crash it.

Looking at the oops I provided, that appears to happen at boot time on both the 2.4.26 and 27 kernels. I'll have to figure out capturing the crashing oops as it's not being logged. Tips here would be welcome.

It's a production machine but I can do some limited playing outside of office hours (provided I don't trash it of course ;-).


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