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Bug#282195: kernel-image-2.6.9-1-686: ip_tables seem to be broken

On Sat, Nov 20, 2004 at 01:06:17PM +0100, Marco Nenciarini wrote:
> Package: kernel-image-2.6.9-1-686
> Version: 2.6.9-2
> Severity: critical
> Justification: breaks unrelated software
> On my system (used as router for my local lan) ipmasq don't work anymore
> after i've installed latest kernel. If I start with 2.6.8 kernel all work ok.
> This is the output of ipmasq command:

Very strange. I am not able to reproduce that problem at all.

> FATAL: Error inserting ip_tables (/lib/modules/2.6.9-1-686/kernel/net/ipv4/netfilter/ip_tables.ko): Device or resource busy
> iptables v1.2.11: can't initialize iptables table `nat': iptables who? (do you need to insmod?)


modprobe iptable_nat

Here is a list of the iptables modules that were inserted on my system.

ipt_LOG                 7008  4 
iptable_mangle          2688  0 
iptable_filter          2816  1 
iptable_nat            26632  0 
ip_conntrack           47892  1 iptable_nat
ip_tables              18560  4 ipt_LOG,iptable_mangle,iptable_filter,iptable_nat


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