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Bug#281658: initrd-tools: "cat: getroot: No such file or directory" due to /etc/raidtab parse error

* Harald Dunkel <harald.dunkel@t-online.de> [2004-11-18 19:17]:
> >	device	/dev/hde1	raid-disk	0
> >	device	/dev/hdg1	raid-disk	1
> >
> I don't have access to a raid system, but maybe the attached
> patch to mkinitrd works. Would you mind to check? To be sure:
> It is completely untested. Please make a backup of your old
> initrd image.

While this patch would fix it for Kalle, I don't think it's a general
solution.  I haven't tested it, but from Kalle's conf file I assume
that you can put everything one one line, i.e it's not always the 3rd
argument.  You should therefore look for something like
/raid-disk\s+(\d)/ (in perl reg ex notation).

e.g. my config file is:

1505:tbm@unjust: ~] m /etc/raidtab
raiddev /dev/md0
    raid-level 1
    nr-raid-disks 2
    nr-spare-disks 0
    persistent-superblock 1
    device /dev/hde3
    raid-disk 0
    device /dev/hdg3
    raid-disk 1

I *assume* you could just list all of this on one line.  But I didn't
test this...
Martin Michlmayr

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