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alsa-modules doesn't build in kernel-headers-2.6.8-1-686 (did build in kernel-headers-2.4.27-1-686)

Synopsis: "make-kpkg --rootcmd=fakeroot modules-image"
          works fine in /usr/src/kernel-headers-2.4.27-1-686/
          but not properly in /usr/src/kernel-headers-2.6.8-1-686/
          and not at all in /usr/src/kernel-headers-2.6.9-1-686/.

I attach (gzipped) build logs for each of these three.  The first shows
alsa-modules-2.4.27-1-686_1.0.7-1~unreleased5+2.4.27-2_i386.deb happily
being built.  The second shows
alsa-modules-2.6.8_1.0.7-1~unreleased5+10.00.Custom_i386.deb happily
being built, though unfortunately for kernel "2.6.8" rather than for
"2.6.8-1-686".  The third shows make-kpkg quickly failing due to
permission denial.

What package(s) is (are) at fault here?

I don't think that alsa-source is at fault because I tried another
-source package and got similar results: success with 2.4.27-1-686,
failure with the other two.  Or course I could be wrong.

Other possible culprits are:
* I (not knowing the right package to install, etc.?)
* kernel-package (make-kpkg not handling recent kernel-headers packages?)
* kernel-image-2.6.8-i386 and kernel-image-2.6.9-i386 (generating faulty
  kernel-headers packages?)

Can anyone help me?

Thomas Hood

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