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Bug#278720: More info.

> > I tried with 2.6.8-5. Have not tried with
> > http://www.acm.rpi.edu/~dilinger/kernel-image-aic7xxx/.
> Please do try with that kernel. If it still doesn't work, I'll prepare
> more modules for you to try; we're trying to narrow down which of
> the patches broke stuff. If the kernel in my kernel-image-aic7xxx
> directory doesn't fix it for you (that drops the pci-id-table
> patches), the next suspect patch is the hostraid patch (1.1832.91.1).

I tried with the -6 in
http://www.acm.rpi.edu/~dilinger/kernel-image-aic7xxx/ and it still
doesn't work. The machine is in a another building so I can't read the
error message but I would think it is the same as before.



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