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Bug#279678: kernel-source-2.6.9: make mrproper fails

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Horms" <horms@debian.org>
To: "Leif W" <warp-9.9@usa.net>; <279678@bugs.debian.org>
Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2004 23:34
Subject: Re: Bug#279678: kernel-source-2.6.9: make mrproper fails

> On Thu, Nov 04, 2004 at 10:41:54AM -0500, Leif W wrote:
> > Package: kernel-source-2.6.9
> > Version: 2.6.9-1
> > Severity: important
> >
> >
> > -> make mrproper
> > scripts/Makefile.clean:10: scripts/package/Makefile: No such file or
> > make[2]: *** No rule to make target `scripts/package/Makefile'.
> > make[1]: *** [scripts/package] Error 2
> > make: *** [_mrproper_scripts] Error 2
> Could you please give some indication of what directory you are
> this command in?

Sorry, but I felt it was fairly self-explanatory, so removed most of my
prompt for brevity.  It's the standard toplevel location which has
worked for me for the past 7.5 years with various kernels and
distributions.  ;-)  In this particular case,
"/usr/src/kernel-source-2.6.9/" which is the toplevel source directory
for the kernel tree as extracted from the kernel-source-2.6.9.tar.bz2
archive, obtained from Debian through the "unstable" distribution.
Please let me know if there is any further information that is required,
or if you would like me to try some modifications.  Not sure exactly
where to start, so I would need a hint.  I am likely capable of Makefile
and shell script modifications, and of course creating unified diffs and
applying patches.


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