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Bug#279370: does not boot: 'CLAIM FAILED' error on IBM 7043-260.


Alessandro Amici writes:

> Severity: important
> nice black magic trick:

Well, I'm not sure if a bit of editing the kernel binary qualifies as
"major effect on the usability" or black magic, but anyway.  As long
as you don't make it RC.

> - with an hexeditor look for the values '00 0c 00 00' and '00 00 40 00'

You mean '00 c0 00 00'.  Both values are coming into the compressed
kernel from the note file, which is created by mknote, which is built
from arch/ppc/boot/utils/mknote.c, which is shipped with the upstream
kernel source and has these values hardcoded.

>   in the first few bytes of the vmlinuz.initrd file and change both them of
>   them to 'ff ff ff ff'.

We could add a patch that hardcodes these values instead, meaning
real-base and load-base will be unspecified in the kernel, just like
all the other OF variables.  This affects CHRP only, since it is the
only subarch that uses the note in the first place, so it would be
great to hear people who actually have the hardware...

> leighbb knows more than me

... like Leigh and Sven.

Regards, Jens.

J'qbpbe, le m'en fquz pe j'qbpbe!
Le veux aimeb et mqubib panz je pézqbpbe je djuz tqtaj!

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