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Re: Intent to reassign Bug #277343 to kernel-source-2.6.7

reassign 277343 kernel-source-2.6.7

On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 08:17:56PM +1100, Andree Leidenfrost wrote:
> Hi Horms
> Thanks for that.
> I'm a bit confused as to why you assigned this to kernel-source-2.6.8.
> You picked up correctly on the fact that this happens with 2.6.7 but not
> with 2.6.8. So why didn't you reassign it to kernel-source-2.6.7 (as I
> had intended)? That way it would have been automatically closed once the
> kernel-source-2.6.7 package gets removed from the repository. It is not
> a bug in kernel-source-2.6.8, so why assign it to it (and mark it won't
> fix)? I fail to see the logic here, but maybe I'm missing something. Can
> you explain?

Yes, I made an error :)


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