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kernel and upgrades from woody to sarge


during my investigation for the next release update, it seems that there
are more upgrade issues related to the kernel than I had tought. With
the great help from a lot of people I compiled that list:

+ real i386 - already handled by Frank together with the kernel team.

+ hppa: 64bit kernel with 32bit user land - details unknown.

+ arm: upgrade doesn't work with 2.2, but can work with 2.4.24 or above.
  (perhaps also with older versions, currently unknown)
  (details: glibc vs kernel, source: kylem, tested on netwinder)

+ sparc: 32 bit kernel: glibc vs kernel, source: joshk

+ mips(el): glibc vs kernel
  ths: should work, if kernel is upgraded first, but needs to be tested.
  ths is on it.

This list was only intended as a reminder list, and is placed on

Any corrections and further results are welcome. I hope I have managed
to get it right, as I'm not really familiar with the different kernels.

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