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Bug#270451: 3com 3c905x dhcp not working in kernel 2.6.x on d ebian sarge

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, Kelly, Mark wrote:

> The title of the file is the kernel version each was from.  Yes the kernel
> sees the card in 2.6.8, but it will not assign an ip to it from the dhcp
> server.   I am using the standard dhcp client that installs from the sarge
> distribution cd's.  oh I am using SMP kernel too, if that makes any
> difference.

for 3c59 shouldn't but when speacking of kernel version i meant
full kernel version, the top of dmesg or if you prefer
$ uname -a
also your /boot/config-2.6.8* would help.
> I tried to use the debian installer rc1 to install to a new hard drive, but
> it will stop at trying to obtain a dhcp ip address also when I tell it to
> use the 2.6 kernel, it will work fine when using the default 2.4 kernel.  
that's no help to narrow your problem down, please post:
dpkg -l "dhcp*" | egrep ^ii

> ps. sorry I dropped the bug number, sending again.


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