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Re: Medley RAID


The one I got was at:


It is classed as unstable, so I don't think it will be put in the kernel. If you know of any better ones I'd be glad to hear them.



Frederik Schueler wrote:

This is more a kernel than an amd64 topic, so I added
debian-kernel@l.d.o to the CC list.

On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 11:16:59AM +1200, Ross Williamson wrote:

1) Could you add medley/dmraid support into the latest debian amd64 build (at the moment it detects the hard disks individually and no raid)

2) or, how can I build a new image with medley/dmraid support? I tried
replacing the kernel with a dmraid patched one but it seems I also need
to compile dmraid, and I don't have any other amd64 systems with linux
to do this with (I managed to compile the kernel with another 32bit
system using the howto on debian.org)

Can you please point me to the patch you used?

If this patch is likely to be merged upstream and the kernel team
agrees, it might be added to the next 2.6.8 source release and in the
next kernel images for all supported architectures.

Frederik Schueler

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