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keyboard problem with smp

I've just received a shiny new 3ghz Pentium 4 (to my delight). Everything works great with the standard 2.7.6-1-686 kernel I have been using. I also want to do some testing with the SMP kernel for the "HyperThreading".

My problem is, when I boot the 2.7.6-1-686-smp kernel, my keyboard does not work. It is a regular PS/2 keyboard, not USB. The system does work, and detects the "2 processors". When I get to Gnome I can painfully tinker around with dasher or the onscreen keyboard. The keyboard is also disabled if I boot to runlevel 1.

Is there a module I should be loading? I could look for some specific problem, but it is slow work to do much investigating. Fortunately this is not urgent, as I can fallback on the non-smp kernel. The motherboard uses an intel chipset, if that helps.

Any thoughts? Thanks. It's been a long time since I built my own kernel. I have been so pleased with the debian binaries.

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