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initrd & config to module mapping questions

Hi all,

Having a fun time trying to get setup to use EVMS 2.3.4.

My kernel uses a initrd.img and loads tons of modules.

If I don't use initrd.img, my kernel will not boot and mount the root
filesystem due to not having the correct drivers compiled into the kernel.
I could probably solve my problem if I new which options in the .config
file to compile into the kernel.

Is there a easy way to determine:
1.  When I say "y" to an option, which module is compiled (module name
mapping to .config file switch)
2.  Is there a way to look at lsmod or modprobe output and determine which
modules are "really used or needed".

I do a lsmod and the whole world shows up!

The kernel I patched to use with EVMS wants to use a initrd.img in order
to mount the root filesystem as a EVMS module.  The EVMS comes with a
sample initrd.img to support this.  I tried mounting it and just copying
the kernel modules to the initrd.img /lib/modules directory but the image
runs out of space!  It is a 8192 image instead of 4096.

So I'm stuck.  I don't know what all I need to compile into my kernel to
have it boot without a initrd.img and I can't modify the sample evms
initrd.img to include all the kernel modules.

Anyone willing to mentor me on my options and straighten me out?

I'm building the kernel for an Asus A7N8X-VM/400 NForce2 MB.  I've
searched for sample .configs but can't find any.  I tried "adding the
kitchen sink" to my kernel by including more options in the .config but I
must still be missing something because it will panic trying to mount

Again, I need to either get my kernel to boot standalone with no
initrd.img (then I'll use the sample evms initrd.img which should do the
right thing starting evms volumes) or I need to figure out a way to add
all of my kernel modules to the sample evms initrd.img which would need to
be bigger than 8192.



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