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Bug#257265: [PATCH] partial 32bit translation for XFS

On Fri, Jul 16, 2004 at 12:24:09PM +0200, S?bastien Bernard wrote:
> I agree this one should fix the problem I encounter. This seems a
> neverending run to catch up with iotcl.
> I would like to add that this kind of 32bits ioctl translation are not xfs
> only.
> I encounter several other (in ipv6/pppd for instance) when kernel is running.
> I have no information about the location that cause the error to pop, only
> some hint regarding the logs generated by the others programs.
> Does right fix is correct 32bits translation for everyone or 64bit build
> for all programs that request ioctl from the program ?

We should add ioctl translations for everything, but please open new
bugs for different sets of ioctls.

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