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Bug#260443: kernel-source-2.6.7 rules file does not support non-digit revision numbers

On Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 02:29:11PM +0200, Jens Schmalzing wrote:
> Hi,
> Sven Luther writes:
> > Now, what about reading those patches to kernel-patch-powerpc until
> > the new kernel-source is released, and modify the kernel-pacth rules
> > so it uses 2.6.7-3 version of the kernel-source ?
> This sounds confusing and error-prone.

Confusing and error prone ? Could you elaborate, especially given that this is
how things worked in the Herbert Xu era.

Also notice that this means stability in the build also, since the released
kernel-patch package would stay buildable for any version of the kernel-source
package later than the one it was released with. It is a rather nice property,
and one which has savec my neck a few times in this past year already.

> > What is your take on this ?
> The powerpc kernel-image packages should be rebuilt against the next
> revision of kernel-source.  But if there's need for the former, the
> latter shouldn't be a big deal.

Well, yes, my point being that there are not all that much changes in the
kernel-source package, and that right now, a build of the kernel-patch-powerpc
package will result in missing pegasos support, as well as missing this new G4
errata fix. Which is the real fix of the uhci issue we had previously.

So, right now, if i want this errata fix to go in, we need both a
kernel-source upload and a kernel-patch-powerpc one, while with the proposed
method only the later would be needed.

I have no problem doing a kernel-source upload though, just is this really the
way we want it ? 


Sven Luther

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