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Re: Open a discussion about bug 253324

> Hi,
> > I'd like to know how a modularized PCI subsystem can be loaded
> > a PCI dependent FB driver.
> Well, duh, obviously you can't do that.  :-/

Heh, I has a feeling that wouldn't be that easy ;)

> > What then if the PCI buswalk kills the kernel?
> You write these parts of the kernel defensively so that this doesn't
> happen, and/or you test it extensively so that you're sure it won't
> happen.

"this doesn't happen"/"you're sure it won't happen" ?
Are you kidding, or are we talking about "Alice in kerneland"?
0% failure does not exist, that's a RULE.

> You boot without framebuffer options, and look at the console text.

Such a console text doesn't exist on ppc. Nor on mips, iirc. There are
issues on hppa as well, etc.

> > This is a gross example, still it proves that kind of idea can't
> > implemented.
> > 
> It is the direction the kernel people want to move further in.

Though that may be a "General Direction", some arch dependent facts
have to be taken into account. Last time I checked, the Linux kernel
wasn't an x86-only kernel ;)


Thibaut VARENE
PA/Linux ESIEE Team

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