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Bug#256916: Bug in process or tcp part of Linux since several versions?

Package: kernel
Severity: serious
Tags: sarge, sid

I get a strange behavior from time to time when running xMule on a Linux kernel.
At the moment it is
Linux angus 2.4.26-1-686 #1 Sat May 1 18:04:05 EST 2004 i686 GNU/Linux
But I've seen this with 2.4.x kernels before, too.

xMule is a user application executed by a non-root user and is not quite stable and crashes from time to time and doing something bad to Linux kernel.
I have crashed windows on desktop and there is no process...
Sometimes there is a process and when I kill it the windows disappear but the most stupid thing is that there is still a listening TCP port without process.

$ sudo lsof -i TCP:25 ; sudo lsof -i TCP:8882
avgated 700 avgate    4u  IPv4   1900       TCP *:smtp (LISTEN)

(port 25 only for testing to get an output)

$ netstat -an | grep 8882
tcp        0      0  *             LISTEN
tcp        0      0   SYN_RECV

$ ps -Af | grep xmule
makolb    4790  4662  0 22:21 pts/0    00:00:00 grep xmule

I can wait hours and probably days without any change. The port 8882 is unusable after such a special "xMule"-crash.
I think there is no way to free the port. So I have to reboot.

I think it shouldn't be possible for user applications to do that with kernel parts.

M. Kolb

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