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Re: Proposition: latest kernel source dependency package

Jens Schmalzing <j.s@lmu.de> writes:

> Hi,
> Goswin von Brederlow writes:
>> Better would be Kernel-tree-2.6 analog to kernel-tree-2.6.6.
> I'm working on the kernel-source-2.6.7 package anyway, I'll add a
> kernel-tree metapackage.  kernel-tree because IMHO sticking with a
> certain minor version is against the spirit of a tracker package.
> Regards, Jens.

Some people want the latest 2.4 kernel, some the latest 2.6
kernel. Both should be possible. So kernel-tree-2.4 and
kernel-tree-2.6 should be there.

I doubt anyone wants to magically jump from 2.6 to a 2.7 or 2.8 kernel
when it comes out, sticking with one 2.x series is probably meta

Just my 2c.


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