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Sarge TODO items

We've been flaming^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hdiscussing a lot of design items here,
but we should try to get up a list of items for to be done for sarge.

First priority for all sarge work should be to keep the maintaince
overhead for the security team down.  That means in particular trying
to keep as few as possible sourcebases around the need fixes applied to
build new images.

 * Linux 2.2
    - I'd really really love to avoid shipping 2.2 for sarge, but it
      seems that's not possible :P
    - update from 2.2.25 to 2.2.26 to include upstream fixes
    - try to get as much as possible of the intrusive arch patches
      into kernel-source to at least have a single 2.2 codebase to patch

 * Linux 2.4
    - move everyone up to 2.4.26 or better 2.4.27-rc
    - remove intrusive patch that are provided in 2.6 (ipsec or ea/acl)
    - try to merge arch patches into kernel-source as much as possible

 * Linux 2.6
    - change the kernel-source packaging so it nicely deals with lots of
      little patches (can some with enough packaing fu help out on
    - merge up to 2.6.7(-rc) to pick up all the stuff that went upstream
      and reduce the diff vs upstream nicely
    - try to merge patches from the architecture maintainers into
      kernel-source as much as possible.

To do all this work nicely we should get a repo on alioth ASAP,
especially to allow the arch maintainers to work on the main
kernel-source too for better cooperation.

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