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Re: Plasma 5.27 beta (5.26.90) coming to unstable

Le 24/01/2023 à 01:16, Aurélien COUDERC a écrit :
Dear all,

I've just uploaded Plasma 5.27 beta to *unstable*.

We usually keep beta versions in experimental but this one is our target for bookworm and I want to give it maximum exposure with the bookworm freeze starting already.

I've been using it for a couple of days without major issue by YMMV of course, it's beta software still.

Feel free to not update or hold Plasma packages if you don't want to use the beta. I'll upload the final 5.27.0 as soon as it's released, so on Feb 14. or close to that.

If you're interested, have a look at our Bookworm plans at [0] for more context if you haven't already.

Also if you have time, now would be a good time testing bullseye -> bookworm upgrades with the Plasma desktop installed and report anything broken (on spare machines / VMs obviously, NOT on systems you need to rely on).

[0] https://wiki.debian.org/PkgQtKde/BookwormReleasePlans

Happy hacking !

Hello, thanks for your work.

On the three systems I upgraded something broke latte-dock configuration. The dock starts in default layout, cannot load any previously saved layout, and no application can be pinned to it again. I don't get any error message when starting from a console, so I don't know what is causing the problem. So latte-dock users beware, but it is hardly a mission critical app!

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