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Why is the unlock screen showing media processes?

And how can I stop this behaviour?

I'm running Debian/Bookworm on an AMD64 system. For the last while, I've noticed that when I go to unlock my screen, below the password box I get something showing a thumbnail and partial title of a video that either I was watching or which may have been watching on a web site.

When I look in the system tray, there is a widget for "Media Player" that seems to be associated with Firefox, I can right-click on it and get play controls but they don't actually do anything because there is no "media" playing. However if I hover the mouse over it, it seems to be showing the last played video.

What is showing up on the unlock screen seems to be related to the last media played. If I "stop" (press the stop button on) the video, which actually isn't even playing anymore, the description changes to the web site that is the tab that last played the video.

There seems to be no way to kill the media player process either. When I look at the processes owned by my account, none are easily related to the media player.

Moreover it shouldn't need me to kill processes. When the screen is locked, it shouldn't be showing anything about what the system is doing other the person (or people) currently logged in - and that is only as a convenience to the person so they don't have to re-enter their user name.

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