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Re: Thank for your the ambitious plan for Bookworm

On Wednesday, 23 November 2022 16:56:43 CET Aurélien COUDERC wrote:
> >That indeed looks quite good :-)
> >Please do inform the Release Team about it (even if it's not 100% final).
> Ah yes, I still havn't do that.
> What's best ? Filing a pre-approval bug ?

I don't know tbh, best to ask to the Release Team directly.
But the important/'critical' thing is that they are aware of it ('at all'). 
And the sooner the better so that they can take these things into account and 
it also give 'you' and the RT more wiggle room, if needed.

So just start the dialog and when things need to be made 'official', they'll 
tell you and how (I presume).


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