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Re: Versions mismatch and upload methodology for KDE applications

Luigi Toscano - 04.11.22, 21:58:58 CET:
> Shmerl ha scritto:
> > I noticed that versions of KDE applications in Debian repos are
> > all over the place. Examples:
> > 
> > kmail: 22.08.2
> > konsole: 22.08.1
> > okular: 22.04.3
> > and etc.
> > 
> > So method of uploading them seems random or ad hoc.
> > 
> > Why aren't KDE maintainers uploading the whole suite of
> > applications at once for all of them to have the same version?
> I can't speak for the maintainers, but please consider that those
> programs are part of KDE Gear, which is just a collection of software
> which is released together, but it doesn't automatically imply a
> dependency between the various applications. There may be some (for
> example, all bits which mades KDE PIM) but that's not the general
> rule, so they can be updated separately.

Additionally the version numbers of all apps are updated on each KDE 
Gear release, no matter whether there have been changes to them.

That written for Okular for example I expect changes on every major KDE 
Gear release.

Also it can happen that for some reason a package needs to go through 
NEW again and approved by ftpmasters.


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