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Change in windows' behavior with two screens


Like many other users, I have a laptop which I routinely connect to a
larger, external screen. I often start a session with no screen
attached, and then attach an external screen and designate it as the
primary screen.

What I would like to happen, when I do this, is for all the application
windows to jump to the new primary screen, but this has never happenned.
Only the task bar jumps.

However, I had an easy way to make them jump: Just close the lid, and
all open windows move to the external (now, only avaliable) screen. And
this still works.

But up with kwin<=5.25.5, I could then re-open the laptop, and all
would be well -- the windows would stay on the primary screen, and I
could use the laptop screen for special things only, as I like. Since
5.26.0, when I re-open the lid, the windows jump back to the laptop

I've looked for a setting to control this, and could find none. Is
there a setting I'm missing? Is there a control saying "windows should
not remember where they came from" that escaped me?


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