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bullseye: KDE connect delays logout - get the bugfix for ksmserver into bullseye?

Hello Debian KDE team,

As previously discussed on this mailing list, in Bullseye the logout from Plasma is delayed by around 10 seconds as long as KDE connect is installed:



One workaround is to remove KDE connect, but I would like to keep using it in Debian bullseye. Also, as far as I know kdeconnect is installed by default when selecting KDE in the Debian installer.

According to the following the bug is actually in ksmserver (in package plasma-workspace) and it has been fixed in version 5.24: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=432643

Is there any chance to backport this fix to 5.20 and into Debian bullseye?

Could/should I submit this as a Debian bug? Would this then be against the ksmserver or the kdeconnect package?

thank you for your time and best wishes,

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