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Re: plasma 5.25 / PIM 22.04

On Sunday, 19 June 2022 19:43:47 CEST Diederik de Haas wrote:
> I was now able to install kdepim-addons again.

Since I did that/those upgrade(s), I noticed 2 things:
- Before, when I logged into my KDE session I always got a request for my 
KWallet password and when I then opened Kontact/KMail, I didn't get asked 
(again) as it had access to passwords it needed.
After, I don't get asked on KDE session login, but when actually starting 
Kontact/KMail. Not problematic, just different.
- I had created a Filter rule, to filter out all the crypto spam. That rule 
seems to be gone now (and possibly others; I only have the rules from the 
Anti-Spam wizard left). And now I get the attached popup every time I start 
Kontact/KMail and I don't see how I can do something useful with it.
FTR: I didn't blank out account names; the list is just empty.
So it seems to be aware that there is/was such a (custom) filter, but otherwise 
it seems to be gone?

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