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Can't sign pdf documents with Okular in Debian

I'd like to know if anybody can sign pdf documents using Okular in
Debian as explained in the manual:


I've never been able to do this, although I have a PKCS signing
certificate available at $HOME/.pki/nssdb. In Okular, the menu entry
"Digitally Sign" under the "Tools" menu is grayed out and the section
"PDF Digital Signature Certificates" of the PDF backend configuration
doesn't exist on my system.

At the bottom of the page on the first link above there is a note that says:

"This feature is available for PDF documents only. You need to install
at least version 21.01 of Poppler to be able to add digital signatures
to a document."

I'm running Debian Testing and, until yesterday, the version of
libpoppler installed on my system was 20.09. Thus, I figured pdf
signing wasn't available on my system because I didn't have the
required version of libpoppler. Last night an update came along which
brought libpoppler from version 20.09 to version 22.02. However,
nothing changed after the update: I'm still unable to sign pdfs.

So, I wonder if anybody here is able to sign pdfs using Okular in
Debian and, if so, what's required to get that working.

Thanks a lot.

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