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Re: Plasma 5.24 coming to unstable

Dear Libor,

Le 2 mars 2022 10:00:43 GMT+01:00, "Libor Klepáč" <libor.klepac@bcom.cz> a écrit :
>Thanks for your work and upload.
>Updated without problems and as heavy shade/unshade window user, I
>immediately hit this:
>It will be tough, I shade my windows without thinking about it ;)

I'm not using that feature but I can understand your frustration. :-)

Feel free to comment on the upstream bug, to follow-up here and if a patch gets merged upstream we can add it to the Debian package.

We can even walk you through if you're interested in cherry picking such a patch into the package yourself so it benefits everyone (better on IRC than on a mailing list though).


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