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Kontact/KOrganizer calendars not synching

I'm running Debian/Bookworm on an AMD64 system.

Some time back something apparently happened to my desktop calendars. They stopped showing anything. They used to sync with 2 different Google calendars that I update through my android phone. The events show on my phone but not on my desktop.

Yesterday, I tried to reconnect with them by reconfiguring the connection (KOrganizer | Calendars | Configure) which seems to work - I got all the messages I'd expect (both directly and via e-mail) showing the connection succeeded. However some 24 hours later I still have nothing showing on my desktop calendar.

I remember that at one point I had to actually select what calendars should show but, apart from the configuration dialogue, I can't find anything that would affect the visibility of the configured calendars.

Does anyone have any ideas about what's going wrong?

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