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sddm xorg wayland issue?

Hi people,

For quite some time, but maybe only since I turned to the wayland side, I've 
had huge delay at shutdown. I eventually rolled up my sleeves and looked under 
the bonnet.

I used this how-to: https://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/Debugging/

Which allowed me to figure out it was sddm process that systemd was waiting 

Here an excerpt of `shutdown-log.txt`: https://termbin.com/gyi4o

Here an excerpt of `Xorg.0.log`: https://termbin.com/9sw1

At which point I tried what other people tried too: instead of shutting down 
in one single step from plasma session, I first logged out, then shut down from 
sddm screen. And it resulted in a no delay shutdown. So it seems a no-brainer.

System is upgraded doing: (last week or so)

aptitude -t unstable dist-upgrade
aptitude --target-release experimental install "?narrow(?installed, ?and(?
archive(), ?maintainer(debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org)))"

Plasma session is definitely `wayland`.

gpu is integrated intel.
driver is kernel modesetting.


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