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Re: [OT] difference between Kleopatra and Kgpg, both from KDE


> As far as I understand Kleopatra also manages certificates, but Kgpg
> might have more functionality wrt GPG.

Kleopatra is a full feature GPG frontend ( including X.509/SMIME support). It 
has a lot users, as it is the key management software, the is shipped within 
gpg4win [0]. It has features like smart card management... g10code (the 
company around GnuPG) also pays to develop Kleopatra.

Kgpg nowaday shares a lot libraries with kleopatra, that made Kgpg better and 
less broken;) Kgpg is a simple application, where you can do only simple 
operations with only GPG keys. I don't expect any feature of Kgpg that is not 
doable with Kleopatra. Additionally there is no real active development going 
on (nearly 100% is only cleanup - no new features, a few bug fixes)...

in contrast to:


I would encourage you to use Kleopatra as it has a far bigger user community  
and has active development. But on the other side you can use Kleopatra and 
Kgpg along side each other - as they are using the same data storage from 
GnuPG. So you can install both and use whatever matches for one operation the 
best for you.



[0] https://www.gpg4win.de/index.html

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