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Default browser settings muddle


I've recently been trying a few different browsers, altering default
browser settings via KDE/Plasma settings software.

I've finally settled on a browser, but some apps, when they call the
browser, open a page such as;
rather than
The number in the 'file:///...' call will be different each time.

I've ensured that both gnome-browser and x-www-browser point to the
correct browser, but cannot for the life of me figure out why some calls
are being mishandled.
Note:  I'm not pointing fingers at KDE/Plasma, it's almost certainly
something *I've* screwed up.

My online searches have proved fruitless (clearly my search fu isn't up
to snuff) and am hopeful that someone far more knowledgeable than I can
shed some light.

Using Debian testing, with KDE plasma 5.20  Any help greatly appreciated.

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