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Re: Screen randomly wakes up from standby / energy saving mode


Il giorno mer 26 feb 2020 alle ore 17:18 inkbottle <inkbottle007@gmail.com> ha scritto:

My screen randomly wakes up from standby / energy saving mode and it's a very
very very annoying issue which cause I unfortunately have not the faintest
clue about.

It is not something I can reproduce, so the best I can do is a sort of "case

*What happened:*

The screen woke up from energy saving mode all by itself.
I just had done an upgrade, so the system was up to date.
I had rebooted twice.

The screen initially went in energy saving mode from sddm: there were no
active session. I think there even have been no session between last reboot
and screen-standby.

Nobody was near the computer, and there was no earthquake at that time, nor
any source of vibrations (note that I did try with mouses unplugged and that
it made no difference).

I took note of the time on my phone.
When later I looked into "journalctl -a", there was no recorded events around
the time of the incident. Not a line has been written in journalctl at or
around that time. (My journalctl is on keep everything forever mode.)

*The general setting:*

It is an external screen connected to a lid-closed laptop through display port
(Lenovo x230, intel integrated gpu; Monitor is 4K Dell; Connection is Display

I don't see anything else specific about it. I try never to do anything fancy
with admin.

*Why is it so annoying:*

It is a huge distraction when the screen is turning on all by itself randomly.

Due to the settings described above, I cannot turn the screen off using the
physical button.

My primary screen is the external screen. The lid of the laptop being closed,
the screen of the laptop is altogether deactivated.

This is the configuration recorded in settings and it works well.

Now if I turn the external display off with the physical button:
The above configuration is becoming unrealistic.
Consequently the system has to go to a default realistic configuration, which
it does very well: The laptop's screen becomes the primary display...
But that changes all the settings.

And since there is no different settings for different screens configurations,
my settings are necessarily just ditched away.

It would be too long to describe all the settings that are lost during this

With a 4K monitor on a 3rd generation i5, the gpu is already to the limit of
what it can do. I "could" keep the lid of the laptop open, and the laptop
screen not disabled, etc. But that would take more place on my desk, put
additional strain on the system.

As a consequence of all that, all I can do is turn the computer off.
And with the lid closed and all that, the whole sequence is something very
difficult to do.

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