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Re: KDE Plasma v5.21.2

Dear Sedat.

Sedat Dilek - 04.03.21, 10:10:54 CET:
> No comment, see attachment.

I appreciate your enjoyment about the new version.

However I suggest not to post an image with a screenshot of the version 
number every time a patch release of Plasma is released. In my point of 
view it is needless internet traffic relayed to quite some mail boxes.

If you like to share some nice information you can post the release 
announcement. It may contain useful information for some users:


Of course, for all who want to review the changes of the major version, 
see here:


By the way, I do have:

Explanation: Automatically update experimental packages
Package: *
Pin: release a=experimental
Pin-Priority: 200

in my /etc/apt/preferences.

I do not recommend this for all users! You need to be careful to watch 
the output of apt / aptitude dist-upgrade in case you have experimental 
packages installed – an experimental package may have been built against 
other experimental packages and this can cause unwanted upgrades or 
breakages. For my use case of just installing Plasma and KDE Frameworks 
from experimental I expect this to be working fine. By all means keep the 
pin priority below 500!

So or so… this is for experienced users who are willing to look 
carefully and also are willing to keep the pieces in case something 
breaks, in other words who are willing to accept that it is their 
responsibility to fix it up again then. Of course, you can ask here, and 
people may help.


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