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Re: Status of Plasma 5.18/5.19?

Hi Marc,

we, that is Scarlett Moore and Patrick Franz and me, are working on
updating Plasma in Debian. For now we are uploading 5.19(.4) to
Debian/experimental, but this needs a few iterations due to NEW
processing, but hopefully it will be all done soon.

I think - but Scarlett please correct me - that after that an upload to
unstable, probably of 5.19.5 will be imminent rather soon.

5.20 is still around the corner, but I am starting to work on it in my
repositories, so that we can move to it in Debian/unstable quickly.

So yes, things are moving, in particular to the collaborative attitude
of Scarlett and their and Patrick's work.

Let us hope that in future everything moves much more smoothly.



On Fri, 18 Sep 2020, Marc Haber wrote:
> Please don't break KDE and don't harm Debian.

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